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Your way of raising a virtual paddle for the arts center's theater productions, one-, two- and three-night great performances, and educational and outreach events for the greater community.

Please consider a donation to our vital, vibrant non-profit organization in any denomination. You’ll be supporting anything from afterschool supplies for children all the way up to helping underwrite an entire theatrical production... and everything in between.

Now more than ever, we need your help to provide a gathering place for the arts that are entertaining, inspiring, and enriching in in our Lowcountry home!

Les Misérables, 2011


  • Helps underwrite an entire theatrical production, with your name as a sponsor of the show.


  • Provides a one-week artist-in-residence for one grade level at a school.
  • Supports a field trip performance for 350 students.
  • Sponsors a set designer's fee.


  • Sends a children's theater performance to a school site.
  • Helps bring in great musical, vocal and dance presenting artists.
  • Provides a 2-day artist in residency at a school.
  • Helps sponsor a lighting designer's fee.


  • Helps underwrite a community outreach festival.
  • Funds a principal character's costume for one show.
  • Supports contemporary, classical, and international dance.


  • Funds an educator's training workshop.
  • Brings master dance classes from a national dance company.
  • Helps fund props for one mainstage theatrical performance.


  • Provides art supplies for children at two free community festivals.
  • Helps fund entertainment for a free community festival.
  • Provides one special needs workshop in a school classroom.


  • Provides off-site afterschool workshops.
  • Provides 3-months supplies for classes for children ages 2–5.

  • Funds rehearsal needs and materials for Arts Center theater classes.

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