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 Blithe Spirit

 Audition on Hilton Head

Seeking Actors for “BLITHE SPIRIT the Arts Center of Coastal Carolina’s winter production. The production will be directed by Russell Treyz, well known to the Arts Center for directing "To Kill a Mocking Bird" and "Pride & Prejudice," among many others.  

Auditions are on Monday, October 1 from 12:00PM – 7:00PM by appointment only.

Rehearsals for “BLITHE SPIRIT” begin on January 22, and performances run from Feb. 12-March 3, 2019. Actors must be available for all rehearsals and performances.

Auditions are by appointment only. Please prepare a comedic monologue.

Bring a headshot and resume, stapled together. A monitor is not provided. Character descriptions are below. For more information about roles and to schedule an appointment, call Gail Ragland at 843-686-3945 ext. 202 or email her  

Plot Summary:

One evening, Charles invites local eccentric medium, Madame Arcati, to hold a séance at his house. He asks his friends Dr. and Mrs. Bradman to join them, intending to gather character inspiration from Madame Arcati for Condomine's latest book.

Despite initially thinking the séance has been a failure, it soon becomes clear that Madame Arcati has unwittingly brought back Charles’ first wife, Elvira, to haunt him. Once in the house, Elvira is unable to leave and, since she cannot be seen or heard by Ruth, she causes all kinds of mischievous trouble between the married couple. When Elvira unwittingly causes Ruth’s death in her attempts to bring Charles over to be with her, Charles becomes haunted by both of his now-deceased wives. Frustrated by their odd situation, the threesome call again on Madame Arcati to send Elvira and Ruth back to the other side.


Charles Condomine - Charles is a nice looking man of about 40-45. He's an intelligent, urbane English novelist. With plans to write a novel about a homicidal medium, he invites Madame Arcati to present a séance, with the hopes that he can get material for his story. He is completely skeptical about the occult.

Ruth Condomine - Ruth is Charles’s second wife. She is a smart looking woman in her late 30's - early 40's. Ruth likes order and runs a tight household. She is witty and sophisticated, although a little unimaginative.

Elvira - Elvira is the ghost of Charles’s first wife. Elvira is a spirited, outgoing, wild and carefree woman, early 30's. She skillfully uses the nostalgia of their past relationship to completely charm Charles, but can be willful and dangerous when thwarted in her attempt to get him all to herself.

Madame Arcarti - Madame Arcarti is the local spiritualist and medium. She is a striking woman, eccentric, effusive, and boisterous. Almost childlike in her joy of the occult. Anywhere from 45-65.

Dr. George Bradman - Dr Bradman is the local doctor and a good friend of the Condomines. He and his wife have been invited to make up the séance numbers since Madame Arcarti insists there must be more than three. Bradman is also skeptical and somewhat sardonically amused by all that happens. 50-60.

Violet Bradman - Violet Bradman is Dr Bradman's wife. A pleasant woman; somewhat simple and naive. She is very excited about attending a séance, hoping it will include a little palm reading as well. Late 40's - late 50's.

Edith - Edith is the Condomine's new maid. She is a simple, hearty soul who, in trying to do everything right, tears around at breakneck speed and creates chaos instead of desired calm. 20-30.


Blithe Spirit - Charles Blithe Spirit - Charles (344 KB)

Blithe Spirit - Dr. Bradman Blithe Spirit - Dr. Bradman (527 KB)

Blithe Spirit - Edith Blithe Spirit - Edith (231 KB)

Blithe Spirit - Elvira Blithe Spirit - Elvira (419 KB)

Blithe Spirit - Madame Arcarti Blithe Spirit - Madame Arcarti (653 KB)

Blithe Spirit - Mrs. Bradman Blithe Spirit - Mrs. Bradman (326 KB)

Blithe Spirit - Ruth Blithe Spirit - Ruth (397 KB)

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