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 Pride & Prejudice

Auditions for “Pride & Prejudice,” the Arts Center of Coastal Carolina's 2016/17 Season Opener this fall will be held on Monday, June 20 from 12:00PM – 7:00PM. The production will be directed by Russell Treyz, well known to the Arts Center for directing “To Kill a Mockingbird” and “Cat on a Hot Tin Roof.”.

Rehearsals for PRIDE & PREJUDICE begin on September 13, and performances run from October 4 –23, 2016. Actors must be available for all rehearsals and performances.

Auditions are by appointment only. Please prepare a comedic monologue. Bring a picture and resume, stapled together. A monitor is not provided. Character descriptions are attached. For more information about roles and to schedule an appointment, call Gail Ragland at 843-686-3945 ext. 202 or email her

CHARACTER BREAKDOWN - All Roles are Available:

Elizabeth Bennett 20 Heroine: “Lizzie” is the Bennett’s second eldest daughter. She is passionate, lively, attractive, intelligent; and extremely quick and witty, but with a tendency to judge on first impressions. Her tempestuous relationship with Mr. Darcy is the story of the play.


Mr. Darcy 28 Hero: A very rich landowner and friend of Mr. Bindley. He quarrels and eventually falls in love with Elizabeth. Tall, handsome; intelligent, proud, but aloof and socially distant from other classes.


Mr. Bennett 40 - 50: The patriarch of the Longbourn estate; prefers his study to every day life; endowed with a world weary wit; and uses it to navigate the waters of five unmarried daughters.


Mrs. Bennett 40 - 50: The matriarch of the family; frivolous, excitable, and narrow-minded; she imagines herself susceptible to tremors and palpitations; her social climbing and public manners are embarrassing to some of her daughters.


Jane Bennett 23: The eldest daughter; considered the most beautiful girl in the neighborhood; shy, sweet, intelligent, with a desire to see good in others.


Mary Bennett 18/Charlotte Lucas 27. Mary: 3rd daughter; reads mostly; tends to make ponderous quotes from literature. Doubles as Charlotte Lucas, Elizabeth’s good friend and confidante.


Kitty Bennett 17 4th daughter: charming; speaks very well; ability to sing.


Lydia Bennett 15/Georgiana 16 Lydia: Youngest daughter; very lively, outspoken; a vivacious flirt. Georgiana: Mr. Darcy’s younger sister, attractive, gracious, well mannered.


Mr. Bingley 22/Colonel Fitzwilliam 20–25/Servant: Mr. Bingley; Handsome, charming, kind, wealthy; he lacks some resolve and is easily influenced by Darcy, his best friend Colonel Fitzwilliam: Darcy’s cousin: straightforward, plain spoken well-bred military man.


Mr. Collins 25/Sir William Lucas50s/ Mr. Gardiner 50s: A distance cousin of the Bennet’s; a clergyman; overly obsequious, pompous, and lacking in common sense. Sir William Lucas: Knight living on nearby estate – father of Charlotte, gracious, self-satisfied. Mr. Gardiner: Mrs. Bennett’s brother; genial, open, generous


Miss Bingley 20/ Mrs. Gardiner 50s: Miss Bingley; Younger sister of Charles; snobbish and difficult; she can be cold, rude, and unapologetic, often trying to prove her superiority over others. Mrs. Gardiner: Affable Aunt to Elizabeth


George Wickham 21 – 27/Guest: The handsome soldier who romances Elizabeth and then Lydia. A military man of superficial charm.


Lady Catherine de Bourgh 40–60/Housekeeper 40-60/Guest: Lady Catherine; Mr. Darcy’s highly critical aunt who is sure no one is good enough for their family. A woman of social standing: haughty, pompous, domineering, and condescending. Housekeeper: Chatty, friendly serving woman of Darcy’s estate.


Young Man 18–24/Officer/Guest: Able to dance and move furniture.


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