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Auditions for “INHERIT THE WIND”, the Arts Center of Coastal Carolina Fall Production are Monday, June 22 from 10:00AM – 5:00PM. The production will be directed by Russell Treyz, well known to the Arts Center for directing “To Kill a Mockingbird” and “Cat on a Hot Tin Roof.”

Rehearsals for INHERIT THE WIND begin on September 15, and performances run from October 6 –25, 2015. Actors must be available for all rehearsals and performances.

Auditions are by appointment only. Please prepare a monologue. Bring a picture and resume, stapled together. A monitor is not provided. Character descriptions are attached. For more information about roles and to schedule an appointment, call Gail Ragland at 843-686-3945 ext. 202 or email her


Matthew Harrison Brady - (55-65), benign giant of a man, patriarch, was presidential candidate - charismatic evangelistic man.

Henry Drummond (ie Clarence Darrow) 55-65; scruffy comfortable man, an intellect and humanist - wins by his practical good sense but seen as an iconoclast.

Bertram Cates (defendant) - 24, pale thin young man. He was the Science school teacher who tried to teach his students about Darwin. Appealing but very vulnerable young man.

E.K. Hornbeck (reporter) middle 30s, newspaperman, sophisticated city dweller - He has had his newspaper supply the infamous Henry Drummond for the trial. Hornbeck is smart, cynical, and ready with the words.

Davenport (also plays Elijah/Hot Dog Seller): 20-35; as Davenport (his principle role): crisp, businesslike young man/ as Elijah/hot dog seller: holy man from hills, fanatic and hot dog seller.

Meeker (30-60) the bailiff, tousled, friendly public servant - very down home and approachable.

Mayor (also plays Bannister) 30-60 - an officious official - very excited about having the trial in town and his own self importance.

Rev Jeremiah Brown (Also plays Sillers and Hawker) 40-55 as Brown (his principle role) - he seems a warm loving father to Rachel, but he emerges as a strict fire and brimstone evangelistic preacher of frightening power. Must be able to get into the rhythms and frenzy of a Southern revival preacher. As Sillers he is a overworked clerk at the feed store - a meek and humble man.

Judge: (30-60) as Judge - humorless judge - a typical upright rural judge who wants to keep order in his town.

Howard (also plays Reporter, Reuters Man, Radio Man) 15-25: as Howard - a “13" year old country boy, bright and hopeful; as Reporter, Reuters Man, and Radio Man - a series of young reporters in their early 20s to maybe 30 - - - the wider the age range that this actor can play the better.

Rachel Brown (22) - pretty but not beautiful, the innocent daughter of the village preacher. She’s in love with Bertram, but cannot understand why he taught Darwin to innocent children.

Mrs. Brady - Matthew Brady’s wife - late 50s or early 60s - dedicated wife of Matthew Brady - good home stock, typical southern politician’s wife.

Mrs. Krebs - 35-60; a country busybody and upright church woman - she is not shy in her opinions - capable of heckling in court.

Melinda - (12 - Early teens) - healthy pigtailed girl - is frightened by seeing Henry Drummond.


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