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Virtual Play Club

Clybourne Park

July 29 – August 12 , 2020

5:00pm – 6:30pm

Take part in a play by reading the dialogue as one of the characters and dive into thought-provoking discussions about the script.

Through a series of Zoom calls led by Resident Assistant Director Whitaker Gannon, everyone will gain a deeper understanding for the theatrical work that happens before you even see the curtain rise. Each virtual meeting will cover one act and conclude with a casual, friendly discussion.

No experience? No stress. This is open to people with varying levels of theatre experience, from the enthusiastic audience-member to the theatre pro.

About Clybourne Park:

Home is where the heart — and history — is. Jokes fly, tensions rise, and hidden agendas unfold as two vastly different generations of characters tip-toe the delicate dance of social politics. Pitting race against real estate, two seminal events — 50 years apart — are at the crux of the conflict in the same North Chicago house.

Winning the 2011 Pulitzer Prize, this richly nuanced and lightning-quick comedy is every bit as provocative as it is entertaining, while it cleverly spins the events of Lorraine Hansberry’s brilliant A Raisin in the Sun into an unforgettable new story, that provides a full exercise for both mind and heart.


5:00pm – 6:30pm
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Whitaker Gannon

Whitaker Gannon is a veteran of the Arts Center stage, having performed in six of our theatre productions and served as the assistant director for four productions. Additionally, she has taught several theatre and dance camps at the Arts Center over the past six years.

Whitaker graduated from Wake Forest University in 2019, as a Presidential Scholar in Art, majoring in Communications and graduating cum laude. She participated in multiple theatrical productions in various capacities: directing, performing, composing, and scenic designing.

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