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TEDxHiltonHead - Making Waves

Performance/s:  March, 14, 2020
Show Time/s: All Day
Description: Waves are anywhere and everywhere – from sound waves, to ocean waves, to light waves...and the one thing that they have in common is that once they arrive, their impact shakes their surroundings… and everything around them is no longer the same.

We recognize that the Lowcountry is brimming with eclectic, innovative, and impactful ideas. This year we want to celebrate the movers and shakers, those who won’t stand still and who create real change in their communities. They’re making waves. Let’s make waves with them...and make our lowcountry, and our world, a better place.

TEDxHiltonHead is organized by volunteers from the local community, all sharing the same goal of sparking conversation, connection and community.
Suited for: Youth to Adult
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