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Visual Arts Past Exhibits

New York Times Photo Exhibit Live With History

New York Times Photo Exhibit

This collection of photographs celebrates the 150th anniversary of The New York Times. The images, pulled from the Times’ voluminous archives, offer a fascinating perspective of some of the century's most momentous events and images. The Arts Center owns a number of the prints and displays them from time to time for the public to enjoy.

Lions Club International Peace Poster Contest Exhibit

Peace Poster Contest Exhibit

Established in 1988, the Peace Poster contest has attracted over 4,500,000 applicants ages 11-13. Each applicant is sponsored by a Lions Club in his or her town or city.  All posters must be the work of the child who is the applicant. Posters must conform in size and represent the theme chosen for that year. Entries are judged at the local, district, and multiple district levels before the grand prize winner and 23 runners up are chosen.  Special recognition is given to the winners at all levels.

At the presentation of the prize for the first contest in 1989, International President Austin Jennings said, “As an organization, Lions Clubs International believes that the pursuit of peace must include a recognition of the common dignity of all people in our world society.  Peace is generated by understanding, tolerance, friendship and assistance based on the belief that people, despite differences in racial, ethnic or cultural heritage, share a common humanity. “It is that effort - to foster understanding among the peoples of the world - that led us to sponsor this first International Peace Poster Contest. After all, there is not a better place to begin teaching understanding than among our children.  Every child who enters this contest becomes an artistic peace ambassador in his or her own special way.” The Peace Posters are owned by Manuel and Olive Holland.

Hilton Head Island High School's Advanced Photography Exhibit

Hilton Head Island High School's Advanced Photography Exhibit

The Advanced Photography Exhibit represents a selection of 30 works, highlighting the students, from the advanced photography program at Hilton Head Island High School. These students range from sophomores to seniors that are presently enrolled in Photography 2, 3, Portfolio, Advanced Placement (A.P.) 1Jessica SmithPhotography, and International Baccalaureate (I.B.) 1 & 2 Photography. The images on display represent some of the best work from these students this year and presents a wide variety of photographic media ranging from black and white silver gelatin to chromoskedasik pseudosolarization and mordancage prints to computer and digital art.

Hilton Head Island School for the Creative Arts

New York Times Photo Exhibit

During the 2010-2011 school year, the Beaufort County School District participated in a national program called River of Words. The Arts Center offered to assist their Adopt-A-School Partner, Hilton Head Island School for the Creative Arts with ensuring that every grade level had an artist in residence to work with the students on their art or poetry for this program. Arts Center Director of Education Alana Adams worked with the seven 1st Grade classes at Hilton Head Island School for the Creative Arts to introduce them to our watersheds and explore the animal life found in them. Students chose an animal that relies on the waterways of the Lowcountry to sustain life and then created these stunning batiks using glue and chalk pastels.

Artistic Expressions ~ Home School 2-D Art

Artistic Expressions

Home school students from across the county were introduced to elements of art and principles of design through a variety of 2-D processes such as vine and compressed charcoal, watercolor, gouache, and drawing inks.  In one project, while learning about repetition, students were asked to choose a complementary color scheme and repeat a motif of their design using gauche, an opaque watercolor medium. For the final project, students studied Abstract Expressionism from the 1940’s. One of the century’s most important and influential artistic movements.

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